12:00PM EDT to 3:30PM EDT

AHPA Joint Education Event
Virtually Connecting the World of Arthritis Care
Thursday, October 19th

The aim of this event is to foster a more effective use of Virtual Care by individuals or clinical teams working in a practice setting.

Schedule (in Eastern Time):

12:00-12:30 - Networking
12:30-1:15 - Dr. Elizabeth Borycki / Cindy Li - Virtual Care: Navigating the Present and Shaping the Future
1:15-1:45 - Panel Presentation - Experiences in providing/receiving virtual care: Claire Jacek OT, Tricia Orme RN, Annette McKinnon Patient Representative 
1:45-2:00 - BREAK
2:00-2:45 - Dr. Claire Barber - Optimizing virtual care practices in rheumatology
2:45-3:15 - Small Group Discussion - Planning for a more effective use of virtual care

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This event is free for members of AHPA, CRA, and invited guests.

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  • Vancouver, BC: Mary Pack Arthritis Centre, 895 West 10th Avenue, 3rd Floor, Meeting Room #3
  • Thunder Bay, ON: St. Joseph’s Hospital, 35 Algoma Street North, Room 2036
  • Toronto, ON: MaRS Discovery Centre, 101 College Street, Executive Conference Room (#125)
  • Virtually

Plenary Presentations

Dr. Elizabeth Borycki & Cindy Li — Virtual Care: Navigating the Present and Shaping the Future

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define virtual care.
  2. Describe current utilization and approaches to virtual care in Canada.
  3. Identify current international research trends in virtual care.
  4. Discuss current models and methods for creating and testing systems of virtual care.


Elizabeth Borycki RN PhD FACMI, FCAHS, FIAHSI
Professor, School of Health Information Science
Director, Global Laboratory for Digital Health Innovation
University of Victoria, Canada

Elizabeth Borycki is a Professor in the School of Health Information Science and the Director of the Global Laboratory for Digital Health Innovation at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Elizabeth is also a Health Professional Investigator for Michael Smith Health Research BC.  In the field of health informatics, the focus of her research and publications has been on human factors as it relates to health technology safety, user interface design, workflow and technology implementation in hospital and virtual care environments.  She has published over 250 articles, 40 book chapters, and 10 edited books and her Google Scholar citations can be found here.

In 2017, she was voted one of the Top 10 Women in Digital Health by Digital Health Canada, and was recognized as one of the Top 100 Health Informatics Researchers by the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA). In 2021, she was recognized as a pioneer in the field of health informatics by IMIA.


Ms. Cindy Li

Ms. Li is located in Victoria, B.C., where she is a Health Information Science PhD Candidate at the University of Victoria, with a 4-year professional background in virtual care solutions. Currently, she serves as a Virtual Care Specialist at Island Health, where she leads clinical program implementations of virtual care solutions, while continuing to support her team in expanding the reach of virtual care across Vancouver Island. Her responsibilities as a Virtual Care Specialist encompasses uncovering clinical workflow requirements, providing consultative services, and managing project to implement virtual care solutions that best meets clinical requirements. As a Health Information Science PhD Candidate with hands-on experience as a Virtual Care Specialist, she believes her academic and professional backgrounds complement each other. Ms. Li is eagerly looking forward to the transformative potential of applying research findings to real clinical contexts in the realm of virtual care. She is a strong believer that the future of virtual care holds promise for enhancing patient outcomes, improving access to healthcare services, and optimizing the efficiency of healthcare delivery. She is confident that by translating research into actionable strategies, we can bridge the gap between academic insights and practical implementation.




Dr. Claire Barber — Optimizing Virtual Care Practices in Rheumatology

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the evidence for the use of virtual care in rheumatology.
  2. Review seven virtual care best practices.
  3. Discuss the future of virtual care and emerging technology and innovation in rheumatology.



Claire Barber MD PhD FRCPC

Dr Barber is an Associate Professor at the University of Calgary in the Department of Community Health Sciences and the Department of Medicine. She is also a Research Scientist with Arthritis Research Canada. She is the Scientific Director for the Bone & Joint Health Strategic Clinical Network for Alberta Health Services. She is a practicing rheumatologist with clinical expertise in inflammatory arthritis. Her research interests include developing, testing, and implementing quality measures for arthritis care. She also has research interests in improving care delivery leveraging new models of arthritis care including virtual care. Along with patient and research partners across Canada, she helped lead the Canadian Rheumatology Association’s Consensus Statement on Best Practices for Virtual Care in Rheumatology.


Panel Presentation

Experiences in Providing/Receiving Virtual Care: A panel presentation

Tricia Orme RN
Mary Pack Arthritis Program

Claire Jacek OT
Occupational Therapist
Arthritis Society Canada

Annette McKinnon
Patient Representative




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