On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to welcome you to the home of the Arthritis Health Professions Association.

As noted on the About Us page, AHPA serves its members by providing online education, fostering networking, supporting health professional research, and working with professional and patient organization partners to advocate for improved care for people with arthritis.  Our website helps us better meet the needs of our members.

Online Education

  • Register for upcoming online education sessions, as listed on the Events page**.
  • If you’ve missed or want to re-watch an online education session, they’re available for viewing on the Past AHPA Presentations page*.


  • Search the Members Directory to find members with a specific area of clinical or research interests or expertise*.
  • Join or start a conversation in the Discussion Forum*. 

Health Professional Research

  • Apply for an AHPA research grant**.
  • If you are applying for a non-AHPA research grant and require a Letter of Support, connect with president@ahpa.ca about how AHPA can support your grant application**.

Supporting Patient Care

  • Peruse the Resources page for a wide range of materials for health professionals themselves or to share with your clients*.
  • Update the My Profile information related to your clinical practice so that people with arthritis can better find clinicians with expertise in treating their type of arthritis*. 

* Web page is only viewable when signed in as a member. 
** The ability to register for education sessions or apply for research grants is limited to members.
I strongly urge you to get involved in ways both big and small

  • Become a member of our Board of Directors
  • Volunteer to facilitate a time-limited Journal Club session on our website’s discussion forum.
  • Update your My Profile information on the website and support networking by agreeing to make your information viewable by other members. And if you have a clinical practice, agree to make information about your clinic and clinical expertise viewable by people with arthritis.
  • Join one of our committees focused on planning online education, increasing our membership base, or reviewing research grants and/or abstract submissions.

The more engaged you are as a member, the more dynamic the organization becomes.

The more dynamic AHPA is as an organization, the more attractive AHPA becomes to other professionals interested in arthritis care.
Please contact me at president@ahpa.ca if you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, or want to get involved.

Michelle Bridge, BHK, OT Reg. (Ont.), ACPAC
President of AHPA