AHPA Extraordinary Service Award

This award recognizes the contributions an AHPA member has made in advancing the mission, vision, and goals of our organization.

Only AHPA members are eligible

Governing Committee: 
AHPA membership and nominations committee chairs
Chaired by the AHPA president

Nominations put forward by the governing committee
Recipient chosen by the AHPA President

Deadline for Applications:
December 31st

This award is given out at the AHPA Annual Scientific meeting


Past Award Recipients


The 2021 Extraordinary Service Award was presented by Anne MacLeod, AHPA President to Sue MacQueen, PT, ACPAC, Past President AHPA

As an ACPAC trained physiotherapist with the Arthritis Society, Sue has been a member of the AHPA for over 30 years.  During her time in the role of President, she established many initiatives and processes that have advanced the mission and vision of AHPA.  Relationships between AHPA and our partners have been strengthened through Sue’s engaging personality and dedicated effort to cultivate these relationships.  Congratulations Sue on being a very worthy recipient of this award. 


The 2020 AHPA Extraordinary Service award was presented by AHPA President Sue MacQueen to Lynn Richards at the CRA/AHPA ASM Gala. As an Occupational Therapist with the Arthritis Society, Lynn has been an active member of AHPA for many years. She has served as our liaison with the Ontario Rheumatology Association, re-establishing a strong relationship between the two organizations. This has formed a framework for other collaborations between AHPA and rheumatology associations. Her leadership and commitment to AHPA makes Lynn a worthy recipient of this award!     

 Leslie Soever Extraordinary Service Award 2019  

Leslie Soever

2019 Recipient of the Extraordinary Service Award

(Photo: Leslie Soever, AHPA Past President & Sue MacQueen AHPA President)


Jennifer Boyle

2018 Recipient of the AHPA Extraordinary Service Award

(Photo: Leslie Soever, AHPA President, Jennifer Boyle)


Angelo Papachristos 

2017 Recipient of the AHPA Extraordinary Service Award

(Photo: Angelo Papachristos with AHPA Communications Chair Leanna Souza Barros)

Rashmi Mandhane

2016 Recipient of the Extraordinary Service Award

(Photo Rashmi Mandhane with AHPA President, Leslie Soever)


Jennifer Burt 
2015 Recipient of the Extraordinary Service Award

(Photo AHPA President Lesie Soever with Jennifer Burt)