Strategic Plan

The 2018 – 2023 AHPA Strategic Plan sets out three strategic priorities for addressing the Vision and Mission of the organization. These priorities include Knowledge Translation, Engagement and Sustainability. Each priority has an overall goal, as well as a set of concrete activities for achieving that goal.

Knowledge Translation

To generate, share, and disseminate the evolving body of arthritis care knowledge by creating opportunities for research, funding, collaboration, and education for our members.

  1. Seek out new grant opportunities
  2. Disseminate knowledge
  3. Encourage participation in educational activities
  4. Provide forum to share novel models of care



To maximize the engagement of our members and external partners, leveraging our positive impact on individual professionals, the healthcare system, and better positioning the AHPA to fulfill its overall goals.

  1. Foster relationship with CRA
  2. Market benefits of membership
  3. Development of SIG within AHPA



To build the resources, organization structures, and capacity to achieve our goals and provide excellent value to our members.

  1. Clarify board position descriptions
  2. Create proposal for paid staff position
  3. Plan for financial sustainability
  4. Maximize collaboration with external partners