AHPA OnlineED: 

AHPA OnlineED offers up arthritis continuing education that is convenient so that members can participate where (i.e., home or workplace) and when they want. The Hot Topics Webinar Series will utilize a more traditional didactic learning format, while the Knowledge to Action (K2A) Learning Series will support a deeper level of learner engagement than is possible with traditional learning.

Key Features of AHPA OnlineED:

  • Synchronous or asynchronous learning
  • All live sessions held on the Zoom Webinar platform
  • Recorded sessions available

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Hot Topics Webinar Series

Goal: Update and educate our members about various arthritis-related topics, both inflammatory and non-inflammatory.


·       Provide evidence-based knowledge

·       Focus on disease and/or treatment updates, as well as what’s new in the field of rheumatology care

Key aspects of this learning:

·       Traditional didactic learning with a 45-minute presentation and 15-minute Question & Answer period

Knowledge to Action (K2A) Learning Series

Goal: Provide education that helps clinicians answer the question, “What does this information mean in relation to my clinical practice?”


  • Offer a range of learning experiences including ‘Journal Club’, ‘Meet the Research Expert’, ‘Meet the Clinical Expert’, and ‘Coffee with …’ sessions
  • Utilize strategies that engage learners at a deeper level
  • Support peer or member-to-member learning
  • Provide education of interest to a non-expert audience
  • Showcase the expertise of our clinician and researcher members

Key aspects of this learning:

  • Balances traditional didactic learning with a time-limited (e.g., 1 week) facilitated discussion. Note: The online            discussion forum will go live in the autumn of 2021, with the launch of our new AHPA website
  • Facilitated discussions will focus on the question of “What does this learning mean to my clinical practice?”
  • Discussion may include case- or problem-based learning
  • Presenters will come from the ranks of the AHPA membership, supplemented with non-member arthritis experts who  are Canadian or from outside Canada

Types of learning experiences:

  • Journal club – Learners to pre-read one or more journal articles on the topic of interest. Presenter provides a short summary of the article(s) followed by a facilitated discussion
  • Meet the Research Expert – Researcher provides a short summary on a topic related to their area of interest. Ensuing facilitated discussion on how this research may or may not influence clinical practice
  • Meet the Clinical Expert – Clinician discusses a clinical problem that led to the development of an innovative approach to clinical assessment or treatment followed by a facilitated discussion of that topic ground in case- or problem-based learning
  • Coffee with… – Informal presentation by a single presenter or a panel followed by a facilitated discussion, e.g., Where is AHPA heading in 2021 and who is leading these efforts?

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