General Information and Terms of Reference


AHPA Special Interest Groups (SIGs) exist to support professional development and networking of AHPA members who have an interest in a specific area of arthritis care or research. A SIG must be compatible with AHPA’s mission and strategic plan and must cover a subject area that cannot reasonably be addressed by the overall activities of AHPA or by  an existing SIG.


The role of a SIG is to support members of AHPA in forming and maintaining a connection among those with special interests and scope of practice, and to provide input to the board , if requested, on issues related to the SIG’s area of interest. 

SIG Member Eligibility

The SIG will determine membership eligibility for their group. For example, a SIG with a specific professional affiliation may require that the members are of that profession or training. All members of the SIG shall be AHPA members.

For more information, please review the SIG Terms of Reference and/or contact the AHPA Chair, Professional Development, Email: