What is the ACPAC Special Interest Group?

The ACPAC Special Interest Group (SIG) was formed at the Annual General Meeting of ACPAC Graduates and Trainees in October 2017.  As the number of ACPAC graduates and trainees increased, a need was identified to formalize ourselves as a unique healthcare resource.  In 2019, AHPA formally established the ACPAC SIG within its’ organizational structure. To date, work has focused on advancing ACPAC roles within the healthcare system by establishing pillars and priorities, of which Leadership is the foundation for our pillars of Advocacy, Research and Education. 

Why join the ACPAC SIG?

The ACPAC SIG represents all graduates and trainees of the ACPAC program who wish to become members. The benefits of becoming a member of the ACPAC SIG include:

  • A collective virtual home;
  • Post-ACPAC training educational opportunities geared to the ACPAC graduate;
  • A forum to promote advocacy of advanced practice/extended roles to stakeholders;
  • Opportunities for research related to advanced practice/extended roles; and
  • Leadership development amongst members.

There is strength in numbers!  We strongly encourage each and every ACPAC graduate to become an AHPA/ACPAC SIG member. 

What is the cost of joining the ACPAC SIG?

There will be an additional $25 fee for ACPAC SIG members, in addition to the AHPA membership fee of $125 (total membership fee is $150).

How do I join the ACPAC SIG?

Two ways to join the new ACPAC SIG (Please note you must be an ACPAC graduate or trainee)

Register as a NEW MEMBER. Complete the form and select the SIG(s) you are interested in joining. 

If you are already an AHPA member, sign in and renew your membership and scroll to select SIG Membership and complete form.