2023 AHPA Committee Structure

Committees are chaired by an AHPA Board Member and are supported by AHPA member volunteers. The work of these volunteers is integral to the AHPA being able to fulfill various elements of its strategic plan.

Committee Mandate Chair Members
Executive Committee The Executive Committee is the governing body of the AHPA and is responsible for supervising, controlling, and directing the business and affairs of the AHPA Samantha Holmgren Paul Adam, Michelle Bridge, Mary Ellen Marcon, and Lisa Robinson
Professional & Career Development Committee The Professional & Career Development Committee identifies and addresses the learning needs of the AHPA membership, as well as promoting and administering the Clinical Innovation Award Paul Adam

Kim Hall, Sue MacQueen, Diane McGall, and Jane Prince

Research Committee The Research Committee coordinates the annual AHPA grant competition and reviews abstract submissions by the AHPA members to the CRA/AHPA Annual Scientific Meeting Karine Toupin April Susan Bartlett, Linda Li, Laura Passalent, Diane Tin, Marie Westby
Membership Committee The Membership Committee identifies and implements strategies to maintain and grow the membership of the AHPA. This committee also promotes and administers the Lifetime Achievement Award Samantha Holmgren Kim Arrey, Michael Denton, Robin Ibbotson-Rickard, Diane Tin
Website Committee The Website Committee is chaired by the President responsible for the Engagement and is responsible for ensuring processes are in place for regular updates and reviews of content on the website Sue MacQueen

Anne MacLeod, Rashmi Mandhane

Liaison Positions

Liaison Position AHPA Representative
Ontario Rheumatology Association (ORA) Osk Jenkins
CRA Transition Working Group Julie Herrington 
CRA Virtual Committee Jocelyn Murdoch
CRA Human Resources Committee  Jennifer Burt