Seeking OA educational material for healthcare professionals

Dr. Anna Gagliardi, Senior Scientist at Toronto’s University Health Network, is funded by the Arthritis Society to identify strategies that enhance access to, and quality of, osteoarthritis care for disadvantaged persons. As part of that study, she is asking for your help to identify educational material about osteoarthritis for clinicians. Her team will evaluate those tools to assess availability and accessibility.

Eligible materials are:

  • Information about OA cause, prevention, diagnosis, and FIRST-LINE clinical and self-management
  • Information sheets, brochures, pamphlets, web sites, interactive tools, etc.
  • Materials developed by government, academic groups, professional societies or disease-specific foundations in Canada or elsewhere

An example of this is the Osteoarthritis Tool, a management algorithm developed in collaboration with the Arthritis Alliance of Canada, the College of Family Physicians of Canada, and the Centre for Effective Practice.

Please send any material, a link to the material or details of a contact who can provide the material, to If in doubt, send the information and Dr. Gagliardi’s team will assess eligibility.

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