AHPA will soon launch an online Community of Practice!

AHPA is conducting a trial of a new online Community of Practice (CoP) focused on arthritis models of care (MoC). The aim of MoC CoP is two-fold:

  1. Foster networking among members of AHPA, and
  2. Facilitate the sharing of knowledge, expertise and resources related to arthritis models of care.

What is a model of care?

The New South Wales Agency for Clinical Innovation defined a MoC as "the way health services are delivered. It outlines best practice care and services for a person, population group or patient cohort as they progress through the stages of a condition, injury or event." A MoC can help in delivering the right care, at the right time, in the right place, by the right person/team and with the right resources.

What is a Community of Practice?

A CoP is meant to foster learning or knowledge sharing amongst its members. CoPs have been shown to have a wide application in health care. They have been used to overcome the isolation associated with practicing in rural and remote areas, and to share or disseminate best practices. AHPAs CoP will include the involvement of a trained facilitator and will be housed on an online platform called Knowledge Hub.

What are some of the MoC-related topics that will be addressed?

Any topic that fits within the MoC definition is suitable for discussion. Discussion topics can be raised by the facilitator or by any CoP participant. Topics may include:

  • Strategies for waitlist prioritization
  • Role of eHealth, mHealth and telehealth
  • Ways in which patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) can enhance care

How do I join MoC CoP?

There is no cost to join. Any AHPA member can participate in MoC CoP once the trial phase is completed in February 2020. Learn more about MoC CoP at the CRA/AHPA Annual Scientific Meeting in Victoria or check back to this webpage in early March of 2020.

AHPA and ARP are collaborators!