Our Mission
To enable arthritis health professionals to provide the best possible care through education, research, advocacy, and interprofessional collaboration

Our Vision
Optimal care and quality of life for every Canadian living with arthritis. We are a society of health professionals who work in the field of rheumatology. Our members come from a variety of clinical and administrative settings, such as hospitals, clinics, community programs, and universities. We are dedicated to improving health care standards for people with rheumatic diseases through the promotion of education and support of research among its members.

Our Goals are to:
Stimulate interest in rheumatology among health professionals.

Promote research and education in the field of rheumatology.
Encourage interdisciplinary communication.
Act as a resource body for those with an interest in rheumatology.
Promote public awareness of the needs of the people with arthritis.

AHPA and ARHP are collaborators!