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Committee Mandate Chair Members
President & Executive Committee   Paul Adam
Anne MacLeod
Professional and Career Development (Education) Committee      
Research Committee   Dr. Susan Bartlett
Membership Committee      
Communications Committee      
CRA Scientific Committee    

 Dr. Susan Bartlett

Paul Adam

Liason Positions

Position AHPA Representative
Ontario Rheumatology Association (ORA) Lynn Richards
Pan-Canadian evaluation on biosimilar implementation Jill Hall
Alex Charlton
CRA Transition Working Group Julie Herrington
CRA Virtual Committee Jocelyn Murdoch

Volunteering for the AHPA Board of Directors

Do you want to give back to your association? Advance your career? Meet new people? Share your passion and shape the future of AHPA? Are you up for the challenge? If so, consider joining the AHPA Board of Directors. Personalized roles are available! To learn more, email

Reasons to Volunteer

Reasons to Volunteer

Give back to your association
Advance your career
Keep up to date on current issues
Meet new people
Share your passion, shape our future
Mentor and be mentored
Volunteer recognition

Are you up for the challenge? Personalized roles are available!

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