Lisa Robinson

Lisa RobinsonSecretary


I have worked as a physiotherapist with the Arthritis Society for the past 11 years in Kingston and the surrounding areas.  During that time I have adopted the Arthritis Society’s model of a care by working as a primary therapist encompassing both the role of both physiotherapy and occupational therapy.   This has allowed me to provide comprehensive, holistic care to individuals suffering from all forms of arthritis.  I have worked closely with several rheumatologists and for the past year have also taken on the role of Clinical Practice Lead.  This includes a focus on education both internally and externally. 

I have previously been able to benefit from the continuing education opportunities through AHPA.  In particular, I always found the pre-course information at CRA and ORA very beneficial and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to network with other health care professionals dedicated to the field of rheumatology.  I feel Covid has reduced these opportunities for the past several years and limited the exposure of other health care providers to AHPA.  My hope for AHPA over the next 2-5 years would be increased exposure to secure a larger membership base and more opportunities to meet in person.  Continued virtual education sessions on topics of interest would also be a valuable resource for AHPA to maintain.

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